03 October 2018
05 October 2018
About: Yoga and Forest Bathing Retreat Forest bathing is the practice of immersing yourself in, or slowly passing through a woodland. It affects all the senses and as you breathe deeply, the essential oils of the trees are absorbed by your body, having a profound effect on positive feelings, stress hormone levels, parasympathetic nervous activity, sympathetic nervous activity, blood pressure, heart rate and brain activity. On this retreat we amplify the benefits of yoga with some Forest bathing, the two will combine to bring you into a state of harmony with yourself and the universe. The yoga teaching will be focussed around the energy of the season as each one has its own special energy, with its particular lessons to teach us if only we take the time to pause and listen. Chill out, escape your city life and join us in the woods to connect with your best self and natures seasonal wisdom. The perfect break to share with friends and loved ones. To Book now or for more information contact julie@livelife.org.uk 3rd - 5th October 2018 ​ Seasonal Yoga- Autumn It is all change, daylight is shorter and there is a sense that the earth’s energy is gathering inward and preparing to ‘let go’ for winter. Perhaps it is time for you too to let go of things you may be holding on to, remove the old and focus only on those things that you truly value? Think of the phrase, "being in your element" and start to live in tune with nature and its changing energy. ​ Late Summer, Earth Element - centring, stable energy - balancing the Stomach & Spleen meridians Autumn, Metal Element - drawing inwards, returning to centre, consolidating - balancing the Lungs & Large Intestine meridians ​ What to expect ​ You will be staying in the woods in either a luxury yurt or a beautiful log cabin. Each sleeping 2 people comfortably and heated by a wood burner to keep you toastie and warm. ​ There will be time to sit and contemplate around the wildlife pond and to huddle round the fire pit at dusk. ​ Charles Hooper and Lisa Aitken will be your hosts at Forest Garden -Shovelstrode, they share a passion for horticulture, sustainable living and the preservation of traditional rural crafts and have created a unique space to enjoy and connect with nature in the ancient woodland. There is so much to learn in conversation with them. ​ A hearty Breakfast and delicious Supper will be served in The Forest Garden Cafe a converted stable and a light lunch provided at The Yoga Hub. All meals will be prepared with fresh and locally grown seasonal produce. ​ The Yoga sessions will be held at The Yoga Hub, a spacious, well equipped dedicated yoga studio a short drive through the countryside in the pretty village of Hartfield, and home of Winnie the Pooh. Julie Bickerton will lead you through practices that bring balance to your heart, mind and soul. ​ Programme ​ Wednesday eve A winding down meditation and breath work session, sharing our yoga stories, wants and wishes around the fire pit at dusk at Forest Garden. ​ Thursday In the morning practice we will take an even paced vinyasa flow sequence, sprinkled with poses that target your hips and shoulders. The afternoon session will be focussed on nourishing the joints of your spine with a yin style practice whilst turning inwards in a contemplative practice in tune with the season Friday A slow flow yang style practice in the morning and a restorative practice in the afternoon, drawing inwards, returning to centre, consolidating we will be opening up Lungs & Large Intestine meridians and closing with some intention setting. To send you on your way ​ In total 10 hours of heart, body and soul nourishing yoga!! ​ Holistic massage sessions can be booked in advance for the beginning or end of each day, price on request ​ ​ www.forestgardeninfo ​ ​

12 October 2018
14 October 2018
About: Join Jeff Phenix for a full schedule and spectrum of yoga practices at St Katharines, Parmoor, an historic Victorian Country Manor near Marlow in Buckinghamshire. The Parmoor estate, which dates back to the 15th century, was once owned by the Knights Templar and is situated in the picturesque and verdant Chiltern Hills. This peaceful, rural retreat is easily accessible from London and is set within lovely grounds, there are beautiful local walks and the fresh and delicious vegetarian food is is always of a high standard, with some ingredients coming straight from the estates walled garden. This special and unspoilt environment offers an ideal setting for spiritual practice and will give you the chance to immerse yourself in yoga, recharge and relax and enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings. Yoga classes take place in the large hall, an atmospheric space, with wood floor, characterful wood panelled walls, lovely natural light and views out onto the garden. Schedule Arrival is on Friday afternoon from 4pm and our schedule together starts with a short evening yoga class at 6pm before dinner and an evening meditation afterwards. Saturday morning will begin with pranayama and meditation at 7.30am before breakfast and a longer more vigorous 'yang' style morning session from 10.30am until lunch at 1pm. You will then be free for a few hours to relax or explore the surrounding countryside before we have a mellower more 'yin' style class at 5pm. After dinner there will be a short meditation. Sunday morning will be the same format until we are free to leave after lunch re-charged and revitalised or stay a bit longer and enjoy the countryside. Jeff is a leading UK teacher, teaching at Triyoga and the Life Centre, training teachers on Triyoga’s teacher training course and teaching regular UK and international retreats. Jeff is very experienced at teaching students of all levels and the depth of his experience, playful approach, ability to challenge students to safely push their boundaries and his love of meditation, will give you the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice both physically and internally. In this conducive environment you can enjoy a deep, dynamic yoga and meditation practice, making new friends, eating delicious, healthy food and can return home feeling recharged, energized and relaxed.
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